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Thank you for booking with us!

Please view and complete this checklist before we arrive.

  • All windows & doors closed
  • All exterior lights turned off
  • Potted plants and fabrics of any kind to be moved away from your home.
  • Patio furniture, grills, etc. to be moved away from the home.
  • Please leave us a spot to park in front of your home.
  • If we are cleaning your driveway, please move all vehicles off of it before we arrive.
  • Trip hazards are present. (Hoses, Ladders, Etc.)
  • Please watch for our hoses, do not drive over them. Ask us to move them first, they are expensive and burst easily when ran over. (A surcharge may be applied if damage occurs from being run over.)

See you soon!

man pressure washing garden floor

We Look Forward to Working With You

Our goal is to help you achieve a cleaner, more beautiful property. Thank you for considering our services!

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